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Throw Blankets

Cozy Up in Artisan-Made Luxury: Discover Pembroke Lane's Exquisite Throw Blankets

Indulge in pure comfort and elevate your home's décor with Pembroke Lane's curated collection of exquisite throw blankets. Handcrafted by artisans from around the world, and crafted from the finest materials, our throws are designed to add a touch of luxury, warmth, and global style to any living space.

Unwind in Unmatched Comfort & Artisan Charm:

  • Luxurious, Ethically Sourced Materials: Nestle in the softness of our plush throws woven from premium artisan-made cotton, wool, or cashmere blends. Explore our collection of fleece throws for a cozy and lightweight feel, or discover the natural warmth of hand-loomed throws made with eco-friendly materials.
  • A Style for Every Home & A Story to Tell: From modern geometric patterns to bohemian macrame designs crafted by talented artisans, our throw blankets boast a diverse range of styles to complement any décor. Discover oversized throws perfect for movie nights, or lightweight throws ideal for adding a touch of texture to your favorite armchair. Each throw is a unique piece, imbued with the cultural influences and traditions of the artisan who created it.
  • The Perfect Finishing Touch with Global Flair: Drape an artisan-made throw blanket over your couch or armchair for an inviting atmosphere that celebrates global craftsmanship. Layer one at the foot of your bed for extra warmth and a touch of artisan-made style. Our throws are versatile accessories that add both comfort and decorative flair to any room.

Explore Our Artisan-Made Throw Blanket Collection:

Browse our curated selection and discover:

  • Textured throws that add visual interest and a touch of dimension, often featuring unique hand-stitching techniques
  • Throws with fringe for a playful and bohemian touch, crafted by artisans who have perfected this art form for generations 
  • Solid color throws made from hand-dyed yarns for a timeless and elegant look, showcasing the beauty of natural dyes
  • Throws with tassels for a touch of classic sophistication, often featuring intricate hand-knotted details.

Pembroke Lane's throw blankets are more than just functional; they're a symbol of comfort, relaxation, and effortless style, all while celebrating the artistry and traditions of artisans around the world. Find the perfect throw to express your unique personality, support global artisans, and create a cozy haven in your home.

Shop Pembroke Lane's Artisan-Made Throw Blankets Today & Discover Unmatched Comfort, Style, and Global Craftsmanship!